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The United Faculty of Florida - Lake-Sumter State College Chapter represents Professors, Librarians, Lecturers, Instructors, and Program Managers at LSSC.

Latest News

March 8, 2024
71% Membership Density

UFF-LSSC officially has over 70% membership density. That number is one of the highest in the FEA local. We represent our members by continuing to have active participation by a substantial majority of them - year after year. 

January 15, 2024
Become a Member

If you are new to the college, welcome to the faculty! We encourage you to join us as we represent your interests as an educator and employee. There are multiple benefits of membership and you can sign up online right now. Reach out to one of our officers if you have any questions. We need you!

June 19, 2023
Bargaining Success

The Bargaining Team negotiated a second MOU (in addition to our lab contact hour win) on compensation for next year. The increase for our unit members is substantial: about 16% on average. While we could not solve all of the compression issues uncovered, this progress helps us all to continue our work as educators.


Chapter President - Jeremy Norton
Vice President - Dr. Peter Olen
Treasurer - Dr. Michele Rudden
Secretary - Alison Norton 

Vote certification


The faculty voted overwhelmingly to unionize in October 2018 with a vote of 62-6. We began negotiating our first contract in April 2019, finishing that round with an expansive MOU in August 2022 which is now in force. 

UFF-LSSC represents our faculty members in matters of compensation and working environment. Our goal is a fair and equitable collegiate workplace. We seek to advocate for the talented faculty of Lake-Sumter State College in making the best learning environment for our students. 

Our Goals for Bargaining

From our first bargaining session, April 2019

Video from our First Session

It has now been nearly four years since we began the process to negotiate our first contract with the administration. We got a major deal completed, but our purpose remains the same moving forward. A new round of negotiation began in fall 2023 with a goal to complete the CBA by the end of spring 2024. 

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